The political parties of Azerbaijan have issued a statement of support for the local anti-terrorist operations carried out by our country against Armenia’s military threats to the constitutional structure of Azerbaijan.

The statement, in particular, says:

“After the glorious Victory won by Azerbaijan’s heroic army in the 44-day Patriotic War, threats to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan continued to persist as a result of Armenia’s non-fulfillment of its commitments undertaken in the act of capitulation. The hand of peace extended to Armenia by the Azerbaijani state has been turned down every time and, in return, Armenia and its insidious patrons in the world have launched a smear campaign against Azerbaijan. The requests of the state of Azerbaijan to ensure the provisions of the Trilateral statement and sign the peace agreement without delay have been rejected by Armenia under various pretexts.

In the three years that have passed since the signing of the Trilateral Statement, the restoration and construction work carried out by Azerbaijan in the lands liberated from occupation have cost our country both a great financial expense and, most importantly, the loss of its citizens. During this period, 314 of Azerbaijani citizens have been affected by mine terror, 61 citizens have fallen victim to mine terror, dozens of our military personnel have become victims of treacherous fire opened by Armenian invaders.

Azerbaijan, which remained tolerant to all this, enabled the traffic in the direction of Lachin-Khankendi and later Aghdam-Khankendi, and expressed its goodwill to provide for the safety of Armenian residents of the region. Also, the Azerbaijani army serving in that region continuously provided information to Armenian residents regarding their safety during possible military operations by Azerbaijan.

In recent days, the large-scale provocations of the Armenian armed forces still remaining in the Karabakh region against our army and Azerbaijani citizens living and working in Shusha, Zangilan, Lachin and Kalbajar, which were liberated from occupation, put an end to the lives of innocent Azerbaijani citizens. The fact that employees of various public institutions working in the Karabakh lands liberated from occupation, as well as our heroic policemen protecting their security, were subjected to mine terror by Armenian armed forces caused great outrage of the Azerbaijani people. At such a moment, the fact that Armenian armed forces have deployed additional forces and armored vehicles in their positions opposite our army’s shows that their insidious intention is to commit even more heinous acts of terror.

We, the political parties of Azerbaijan, are expressing our support for the local anti-terror operation of Azerbaijan’s victorious army in order to ensure implementation of the provisions of the trilateral statement, prevent large-scale provocations committed in the Karabakh economic region by means of disarmament, withdrawal of Armenian armed forces from our territories and neutralization of their military infrastructure, provide for the security of the civilian population returning to the territories liberated from occupation, as well as civilians involved in construction and reconstruction work, and restore the constitutional structure of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and we wish victory to our heroic army!

The political parties of Azerbaijan support the policy and the military orders issued by the President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev with the aim of ensuring the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and safety of the population, prevent provocations of the Armenian armed forces, and provide for the safety of thousands of our compatriots living in our lands liberated from occupation. We call on our people to stand in solidarity and support our President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief in this honorable cause, as was the case in the Patriotic War.

1. New Azerbaijan Party

2. Civil Solidarity Party – chairman Sabir Rustamkhanli

3. “Motherland” Party – chairman Fazail Aghamali

4. All-Azerbaijan Popular Front Party – Chairman Gudrat Hasanguliyev

5. Great Consolidation Party – chairman Fazil Mustafa

6. Democratic Reforms Party – chairman Asim Mollazadeh

7. Unity Party – chairman Tahir Karimli

8. Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party – chairman Elshan Musayev

9. National Front Party – chairman Razi Nurullayev

10. Justice and Law Party – chairman Ali Insanov

11. Azerbaijan People’s Party – chairman Panah Huseyn

12. Azerbaijan Democratic Party – chairman Sardar Jalaloglu

13. Justice Party – chairman Ilyas Ismayilov

14. Azerbaijan Hope Party – chairman Igbal Aghazadeh

15. Classic Popular Front Party – chairman Mirmahmud Fattayev

16. “Azerbaijan National Independence” Party – chairman Arzukhan Alizadeh

17. Modern Musavat Party – chairman Hafiz Hajiyev

18. National Revival Movement Party – chairman Faraj Guliyev

19. “Greater Azerbaijan” Party – chairman Elshad Musayev

20. White Party – Chairman Tural Abbasli

21. Free Motherland Party – chairman Akif Naghi

22. Future Azerbaijan Party – chairman Aghasif Shakiroglu

23. New Time Party – chairman Musa Aghayev.”